About Us

Video Production

R94 is a collective of individuals with experience in multiple fields. We are a nimble and modular team that focuses on story and cinematic visuals. Our approach to each project is handled according to its specific needs. With the use of our in-house, high-end camera systems, we are able to be dynamic and flexible no matter what we are working on. We offer concept development, pre-production, cinema-grade filming, and post-production services.

Our Services

R94 Films

Over the past years, R94 has worked with various brands and varied projects. They have organised full scale productions with production management, concept development, editing and post work execution. Furthermore, they have also developed a renting service whereby crew members can assist on foreign productions with state of the art equipment, namely the RED digital cinema camera.

Our Clients

We are proud to have worked with many clients in an array of different fields.


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